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Are you ready to discover yourself in paradise?

Attending a sweet retreat is not your average vacation experience.


It is a way to kick start new life choices and integrate physical training with a positive attitude into your life at home. Our retreats promote feeling great, learning new skills, eating delicious, nutritious foods, and enjoying every minute of it.

Why not start living your life more fully NOW? Whether you are an acrobat or a lawyer, here is your chance to join the circus. 

Sweet Retreats are 7-9 day all inclusive vacations with healthy meals, community, and daily classes with world-class teachers.

All levels are welcome, no experience required.  

We offer classes from yoga, fitness and creative movement to aerial arts, handstands, flexibility, partner acrobatics and even twerking!  

It’s truly an experience that will change your life!  

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WHERE are Sweet Retreats?

Sweet Retreats are held at our Monkey House (Casa Chango) in Puerto Escondido, Mexico where the weather is perfect, food is amazing, and the surf is always up.  Accommodations and meals are included in all retreats.

How do Sweet Retreats work?

Sweet Retreats works like a refresh button.  It allows you to step away from your life for a total immersive experience.

From the moment you arrive, you are welcomed into a new family.  By the time you leave, you will have friends from all over the world, tools to help you live your life more fully, and a body that is more energized, open and capable than ever before.

Should I come?

  • If you want to learn from teachers who are masters in their fields, then yes, come!
  • If you want to learn skills that can propel you into new levels of fitness, creativity, and impressing your friends at parties, then yes you should come.
  • If you like to hang out with people who have integrated play, functional fitness, nutrition, community, and “being real” into their lives, then you should definitely come.
  • The most common quote from Sweet Retreaters has been “I feel most like myself here.”  If you want to feel the most like YOURSELF, then you for sure NEED to come.

Depending on your retreat theme,

classes include…

Sweet Retreats
  • Aerial Skills
  • Aerial Improv & Choreography
  • Performance Skills
  • Handstands
  • Flexibility
  • AcroYoga / Partner Balance
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Fitness Training
  • Nutrition / Food Preparation
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Personal Wellness Development
  • Spanish
  • Monkey Fitness
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Functional Movement
  • Dance
  • Hula Hooping
  • Twerking!


Our retreats are held at our Monkey House Commons just a few yards from the ocean.  It is safely gated, private, spacious, and still a hop, skip and a jump from the beach and shops.  On the property we have the Monkey House Gym, the Monkey House Kitchen and community hang out space open all day and night, a smaller palapa training/stretching space, ocean view rooftop to watch the beautiful sunsets, a swimming pool, hammocks, and wi-fi.  

Rooms are simple and clean with a fan, full bathroom, private terrace w table and chairs.  

Space is limited, so reserve as soon as possible.

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Meals & Dining

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included on most retreats.  The food will be grounding,  nourishing and amazing!  ‘Meal Master Skillet’ will prepare the most delicious, nutritious meals made with local, fresh vegetables, meats, fish, grains and legumes.  Our ingredients come directly from our organic garden or other local farms.  All meals have gluten free and vegetarian options and can accommodate most special food needs and allergies.  We make our own granola, refrescos, ‘ice cream’, kombucha, saurkraut, chocolate balls, sauces, dressings and desserts.

You will be welcomed to the table as family and friends.  There is always an abundance of food, and a joyful celebration while eating it.  We dine out at a local restaurant one time during the retreat.  If you have an unusual dietary need, it is recommended to bring any supplements that you need or bring your favorite snacks and protein bars from home.

  • Coffee, tea, and fruit are available all day in the Monkey House Kitchen.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on most retreats.
  • There are plenty of stores in walking distance for specialty drinks and snacks.

“The week I spent with Sweet Retreats was not only inspiring but uplifting and opening.

I had the honor of meeting 20 strong people who wanted to learn and improve themselves. The energy was contagious and motivating.

I’d recommend this trip to anyone who wants to sweat, swim and smile for an entire week.”

– Katherine Hutchinson (Oakland, CA)

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Sweet Retreats has encouraged me to be a better version of myself both physically in the circus arts and also personally in my interactions with friends and the community.  The instructors at Sweet Retreats are not only world class performers, they are also some of the most caring, beautiful, and authentic individuals. I’m so fortunate to have discovered this paradise of athletic endeavors, delicious food, unending laughter, and all within the gorgeous surroundings.

—  Liz Marotte, Oakland, CA

Hi !

I’m Kerri Kresinski, founder/ manager of Sweet Retreats, teacher of aerial tissu, flexibility, handstands, cardio/fitness, yoga, creative movement, act development, and radical self-expression, nutritionalist, life-coach, visionary and believer in dreams.

Technique and physical strength have never come naturally to me. I have had to figure things out along the way, and I still find the joy in it.

I express my passion through movement have performed in shows and festivals all over the world.

It is my life’s purpose to support myself and others to find our unique truths and live our dreams,

As a teacher, I love to work with all body type to deepen body awareness, physically, emotionally, and energetically, celebrating successes big and small.

When we dive into our bodies and and climb out of the linear mind, we cultivate self awareness that can open us up to creating a life that is better than we could have ever imagined. This is our life. Let’s live it!

I would love to see you at our next Sweet Retreat this year. LIVE BIG!

Love, Kerri

My Team

At Sweet Retreats, we pride ourselves on quality, and this starts with our instructors.  No matter which retreat you sign up for, you are guaranteed to have world class instruction.  Each retreat has a different focus, and all of our teachers are masters of their disciplines.  You can see descriptions of each retreat with teacher bios here.

Sweet Retreats Chloe Axelrod, Shaly Acerodon, Jenn Bruyer, Paper Doll Militia, Kerri Kresinski, Cohdi Harrell, Kameko Shibata, Jocelyn RudigShira YazivMaia Adams, and more.

The first time I went to Sweet Retreats I was at a crossroad – both for my aerial training and in my professional life. Sweet Retreats gave me the confidence to move to the next level in both. A supportive and fun training environment, that extends beyond the mat into the communal social nature of the retreat, Sweet Retreats gets under your skin!

I came away bursting with new skills and excited to share them, and a whole range of new friends from around the world. But more importantly, it gave me time and space to reconnect to myself and a chance to remember what inspires me. There’s nothing quite like being away from it all, surrounded by like-minded people all out to stretch their bodies and minds, to focus the mind.

Two retreats later I have the confidence to take my aerial to the level I want to – having spent time working on performance skills in a safe environment. And I’ve left my energy-sapping government job to move into the charity sector where I feel more myself again.

So thanks Sweet Retreats!

– Nicola Freedman (UK)

Upcoming Retreats

Space is limited, so sign up now!

Upcoming Retreats

Summer 2019

CIRCUS FIT/ Aerial Summer Camp w teachers Kerri Kresinski & guests  2 weeks! July 7-22, 2019

Aerial Skills Mixed Apparatus – July 7-14, 2019

Aerial Skills & Adventures – July 15-22, 2019

Family Circus Retreat   July 26-August 2, 2019

Fall 2019

Aerial Sling Retreat w guest teacher Jenn Bruyer November 2-9, 2019

Int/Adv Aerial Silks & Rope Retreat w guest teacher Jenn Bruyer November 11-18, 2019

Family Circus Thanksgiving Retreat November 23-30, 2019

Circus Fit Intensive Retreat Dec 1-8, 2019

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training w guest teacher Lindsay Nova December 9-19, 2019

DIY Circus Fit Adventures December 27-January 3, 2020

Winter/Spring 2020

Aerial Escapades  – Beg/Int Silks & Rope w guest teacher Rain Anya – February 1-8, 2020

Intermediate + Aerial Hoop/Lyra w teacher Chloe Axelrod – February 15-22, 2020

Aerial in Paradise  – Intermediate Mixed Apparatus Retreat w Chloe Axelrod & Kerri Kresinski – February 28-March 6, 2020

Act Creation / Artistry  w Kerri Kresinski – March 8-15, 2020

Aerial Escapades  Int/Adv Silks & Rope w guest teacher Sarah Bebe Holmes – March 21-28, 2020


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