Aerial Hoop Retreat
Hoop & Happiness

Lyra Skills, Flexibility, Floor Work, Choreography, & Happiness Training

with Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod, Kerri Kresinski, & Sunny Grosso

February 16-23, 2019
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Aerial Hoop Retreat is limited to 10 participants.
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Aerial Hoop Retreat!  a WEEK in PARADISE with new friends, the beach, delicious, fresh, local food, and loads and loads of Aerial Hoop Skills!

There will be 2 classes each day on this Aerial Hoop Retreat.  The morning class is 1 hour of Happiness Training, and 2 hours of all things HOOP!  Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod, master aerialist, will teach you skills, technique, transitions and spinning to advance your training.  The afternoon class with Kerri Kresinski will focus on choreography, musicality, floor work, handstands, and performance skills.  The rest of our time can be spent eating amazing, healthy food, swimming in the warm ocean, reading in hammocks, and breathing the tropical air.  There will be time to explore local markets and beaches as well as the local night life.  We will have a performance/party at the end of the week to show off for our new friends!

Hoop and…Happiness?

On this retreat, we will give you a little something extra that you can take home with you to benefit your training and EVERYTHING else in your life…Happiness Training! 

We push ourselves on the hoop to make us happy, but how do we approach happiness in our lives? Short term happiness is as easy as a night out or a new trick.  What does sustainable happiness look like?  How do we define it and achieve it for ourselves as aerialists/athletes?

Learn, define and practice key happiness habits for successful, purposeful and passionate hoop training…but maybe more importantly, for a successful, purposeful and passionate life.  The workshops consist of mini-daily practices that will bring you close to understanding yourself, and your success as an aerialist.  Bring your training to the next level by practicing and applying these happiness habits off and on the mat during your retreat.

Our Happiness Training is an extra added bonus on this retreat.

Advance your Hoop Skills!

This Aerial Hoop Retreat is great for anyone who wants to advance their skills on the hoop, work on sequencing, flexibility, and floor work, and have loads of fun doing it!


Chloe and Kerri have been teaching and performing aerial arts for over 15 years.  They will accommodate your level and give you the challenges that you want and need.  This Aerial Hoop Retreat is limited to 10 participants, so sign up now.

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Sample of daily schedule  

(choose as many or few classes/activities as you like)
8-10am  Tea, Coffee and Breakfast
9am-10am   Happiness Training

10am-12:30pm   Hoop Skills and Flexibility Class
1pm   Lunch
2-4pm  Pool-time, lounging, tanning, relaxing
4-5:30pm  Floor Work, Performance Skills, & Handstands
5:30-6:45pm  Beach Play and Sunset
7pm Dinner
8-10pm  Evening Activities

In the afternoons, we will take you to a few of our favorite beaches for swimming, snorkeling surfing, and releasing baby turtles into the sea!  One evening you will have the option to go to a phosphorescence lagoon!

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Dance Pole Retreat

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are included on your Aerial Hoop Retreat.  The food will be grounding,  nourishing and amazing!  Our meal master, “Skillet,” presents healthy and delicious meals made with fresh, local ingredients.  Most meals include eggs, chicken and/or fish, and vegetarian/vegan options are always available.   We can accommodate most special dietary needs.  We will also take you out to a couple of our favorite restaurants for dinner to give you a taste of the town-on us.

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Aerial Hoop Retreat will be held at the Monkey House community complex a short walk from the beach.  In addition to clean and safe accommodations, there is a swimming pool, an ocean view palapa practice space, the Monkey House Gym for aerial & acrobatics training, lots of grass and hammocks for relaxing between classes, and our Monkey House Kitchen and hang out space.  It is awesome!  Click here for details about the rooms.

Just outside our living/training complex there are cafes, shops, and local markets to explore.  The neighborhood, called La Punta, is small, quiet, and full of friendly people.  Surf lessons are available in La Punta.  Just a mile down the beach is Playa Zicatela where you can find bars, restaurants, discos, nightlife, and plenty of surf shops to buy Mexican trinkets, beach garb, and anything else you might need.  Puerto Escondido is a safe and welcoming town.  For information about weather in Puerto Escondido, click here.

For information about booking your travel to Puerto Escondido, click here.

Aerial Skills

Kerri and Chloe have been teaching, training, and performing together as a duo for over 10 years.  As time passes, their friendship has deepened, their working relationship has become more intuitive, and their collective wisdom of the body has expanded exponentially.  They are truly a duo with infinite possibilities.  One of the many things that makes this duo so special is that they love teaching, and find delight in watching their students grow and learn.  In teaching, they stress the importance of good form, efficient training, hard work, artistry, and most important, FUN.  You have to find the love for the training.  No holding back in the circus!  You can read more about Kerri and Chloe here.  Click here to see videos of their performances (duo and solos).  

Bring your partner, parents, or best buddy!

On this Aerial Hoop Retreat, we have something for everyone.  Aerial nerds can indulge in all of your hoop desires while friends and family can enjoy the retreat environment, delicious, healthy food, surfing, swimming, relaxing, and get into their bodies.  And…Happiness Training!  Ask us about significant other rates.

Classes may include:
Aerial Hoop Skills
Performance Skills
Floor Work
Happiness Training

Injury Prevention

About your Teachers

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod is a powerhouse performance artist and teacher whose talents have carried her around the world. Chloe has performed for a variety of acclaimed companies in world-class productions in places such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Atlantic City, Leipzig, as well as in the Dominican Republic. Chloe is known for her dynamic performance style, full of high-level acrobatic and aerial skills combined with effortless grace and incredible form.
Chloe, a born and raised San Franciscan, has over 15 years of circus training, and over 10 of circus teaching.  She trained with masters of acrobatics such as Mr Lu Yi, and Xia Ke Min, contortion with acclaimed Serchmaa Byamba, and of flying trapeze Scott Cameron.  She has done every thing from doubles on the flying trapeze to sitting on her head in contortion to basing and flying for three high human towers.
Chloe’s specialty is aerial hoop on which she has a solo act and a doubles act. With these acts, she synthesizes years of training, a love for spinning, strong, fierce passion for movement into a whirlwind of virtuosic expertise.  Chloe teaches in the professional training program at the San Francisco Circus Center as well as recreational classes.  Through teaching and performing she shares the magic of circus all over the world.  As a teacher and performer, her style, skills, range and personality are un-paralleled.  Check out Chloe’s website as well and her hoop videos here.
Aerial Hoop Retreat
Kerri Kresinski has been performing and teaching acrobatics, yoga, dance, and aerial arts for over 15 years throughout the world. Her life’s work, as an artist and a leader, has been to develop and deepen her study of the body—physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She has learned that anything is possible with patience, discipline and a positive attitude.  Kerri expresses her passion and spirit through movement, and feels that the body is the gateway to the higher powers for healing, transformation and expression.  She is truly a unique performer, engaging, thrilling, and moving audiences with her skills, style, and heart. She is a co-founder of Sweet Can Circus and the founder/director of Sweet Retreats.  She loves to help people reach beyond their perceived limits and strive for new heights. “Believe in yourself, and live BIG.”   Read more about Kerri here.  Click here for her youtube page where you can find her performance videos and aerial instructional videos.
Sunny Grosso:  Sunny strives to inspire others to live big by teaching them to be true to themselves and courageously follow their passion.  She travels the world speaking, teaching, and coaching people to discover their purpose, a more meaninful path towards happiness–both in their personal and professional lives.  Sunny is a founding member of Delivering Happiness ‘coach-sulting’ team.   She works with teams, companies and individuals, helping them to create sustainable and life-long happiness.  You can read about Sunny’s corporate work here and experience her magic here at Sweet Retreats!  As you will see, Sunny is more than a name.  It’s how she lives.

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Rates for Aerial Hoop Retreat
February 16-23, 2019

Click here for descriptions of each room.

Rates are listed in USD.
$500 Deposit is required to secure your spot.  The following early bird rates will increase by $300 after December 1, 2018.

Franco 1
–  Double Occupancy  $1800  

Franco 2
–  Single Occupancy w private bathroom  $2100  

Franco 3
–  Single Occupancy w shared bathroom  $2000 

Franco 4   
–  For 1 person (tiny room-considered double occupancy-more details here) $1700

Cabana 3
–  Double/Triple Occupancy  $1800

Cabana 4
–  Double Occupancy  $1800

Cabana 5
–  Single Occupancy w private bathroom  $2100

Rates refer to cost of one person’s tuition.
Couples must sign up together.

Prices for Aerial Hoop Retreat include:

  • Ground transportation to/from the Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM) to our accommodations**
  • Accommodations for 7 nights
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in our Monkey House Kitchen
  • Dinner out at our favorite local restaurant
  • 2 daily classes
  • Beach Photo Shoot
  • Informal show at the end of the week
  • Use of Swimming Pool, wi-fi, Hammocks, and Fitness/Yoga/Aerial Studio, boogie boards, snorkels and flippers.
  • Afternoon adventures to local beaches
  • Trip to the night market.
  • Tour of our organic garden w Farmer Stu
  • Impromptu dance parties, pool parties, sunset cocktails (21+), and hanging out with new friends.
  • Homemade chocolates, popsicles, and other treats

“Chloe is an amazing teacher, which I knew, but I think what impressed me the most was how invested she became in us, how quickly she got to know us and that she was able to anticipate our challenges/what would work for us – she was able to set us up to succeed while also challenging us.   It made me trust her immensely which definitely made the experience more valuable and productive.  She was incredibly patient and helpful, and I loved working with her.”  – Sarah Hluchan 2017 

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How to Register for Aerial Hoop Retreat
February 16-23, 2019

  1. Fill out this Registration Form.
  2. Pay your tuition.  Once you fill out the registration form, you will receive an email with payment information.  You must pay a $500 deposit to secure your spot.  Full payment is due by February 1, 2018.
  3. Once we confirm your reservation, you can book your travel. Click here for tips for booking your flight.   Fill out this itinerary form in order to secure your ground transportation.
  4. Get excited!  This is going to be amazing!

We will do our best to accommodate all of your needs.  Feel free to email us at with any questions.

Questions?  Email us at

Aerial Hoop Retreat Aerial Hoop Retreat Aerial Hoop Retreat Aerial Hoop Retreat Aerial Hoop Ret

*Food service begins with a snack and dinner on February 16, and ends with breakfast on February 23, 2019.  There is 1 day during the retreat where guests are on their own for lunch.  All other meals and smoothies are provided.  The food is amazing!
** Your taxi to/from the PXM airport is included if you arrive/depart on designated days.  Arrive on February 16 and depart on February 23.   Click here for info about getting to Puerto Escondido.

Cancellation Policy:
No Refunds.  No exceptions.
Cancel more than 60 days before 1st day of retreat:  60% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel  30-60 days before the 1st day of retreat:  40% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel up to 30 days before the 1st day of the retreat:  20% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.