Getting from Huatulco airport to Casa Chango

We’re not going to lie, getting to the Monkey House (Casa Chango) Mexico will take a bit of effort and time. But we guarantee it will be worth it!  You can rest assured that this area of Mexico is very safe to travel alone, with kids and in groups especially with the recommendations given below.

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The closest airport to fly into is Puerto Escondido (PXM).

You can also fly direct to Huatulco (HUX) from Canada and the US, which is about two hours away by bus or taxi. More on this below. WestJet, Air Canada and Sunwing fly direct to Huatulco from Toronto and Calgary. Various US airlines fly to Huatulco including United and American Airlines.

Options to get from Huatulco airport to Casa Chango:

  1. Take the air conditioned SUR bus.
  2. Take a non-air conditioned shuttle bus.
  3. Take and airport shuttle or airport taxi. (most expensive)
  4. Take a non-airport taxi.

Airport Taxi/Shuttle:  If you are living it up and don’t care about spending extra money, the easiest way is to grab an airport taxi or shuttle from the curb outside the airport.  These shuttles have a monopoly on the system and charge a lot more than a regular taxi.  Tell the driver you are going to ‘La Punta’ in Puerto Escondido.  See directions and map below.  Here is the link to Casa Chango on google maps.

Private non-airport Taxi:  If you want a private taxi, but want to save money, you can walk out to the main street/highway (about a 5 minute walk) and grab a regular city taxi there.  The price should be around $40-$60 US.  Tell the driver you are going to ‘La Punta’ in Puerto Escondido.  See directions and map below.  Here is the link to Casa Chango on google maps.

SUR Bus and Shuttles:  For the budget traveler, we recommend the SUR bus or smaller shuttles.  Both of these pick up at the corner of the highway just outside the airport driveway (5 min walk from airport).  Read on for instructions.

The cheapest way to get from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido is by bus.

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish and/or are uncertain about Mexico, you can always arrange a taxi (see below), but the bus really is very easy and safe. The bus costs 60 pesos, which is around $3 USD.  (This price could change, so make sure to have a little extra pesos on you just in case.)

The bus goes every hour during the day. It stops just to the right of the entrance to the airport at around 15 minutes past each hour. It says ‘SUR’ on it and looks like this….


All you have to do is walk from the arrivals terminal (the airport in Huatulco is very, very small and only has one terminal) and out onto the main road. It literally takes five minutes. Right across from the airport is a gas/petrol station with a Pemex sign (you can see it in the picture above). Once you out of the airport gate, look right and walk a few steps. This is the bus stop. It is not marked, but there will almost certainly be other people there waiting, including tourists like you! Like in this picture:


When the bus comes, check with the driver to make sure it stops in Puerto Escondido (just to make sure), put your luggage underneath and pay the driver in cash. Just ask for ‘Puerto’. You can get change and will be given a receipt. Then just take a seat and enjoy the ride. It takes about 2 hours and will stop at a small town along the way called Pochutla. You can’t get lost because the second and last stop on the bus is Puerto.

If you don’t want to take the bus, you can book a taxi service inside the arrivals terminal. This will cost you $100 USD or possibly more.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous and want to get there more quickly, you could take one of the smaller shuttle bus vans that also stop at this bus stop.  They go to Pochutla which is a town about half way to Puerto Escondido.  At the bus terminal in Pochutla, you can get another shuttle to Puerto Escondido.

Once you are at the OCC bus station in Puerto Escondido, it is a short taxi ride to Casa Chango costing 40 pesos (about $2 USD).  Hint:  You will go back towards Huatulco for about 2 miles.  

Tell the taxi driver you are going to ‘La Punta, la segunda entrada’, and take a left on calle guerrero.   At the bottom of calle guerrero, take a left on calle Heroes Oaxaquenos, and we will be the white house on the left side.   You can follow this map.  The blue line indicates coming from the OCC bus station in Puerto Escondido and taking the left into the 2nd entrance (la segunda entrada) into La Punta. 

Here is the link to Casa Chango on google maps.

Have fun with your trip!  This part of Mexico is very safe and has a lot of tourism.  Whether you are traveling alone or with a friend, we recommend this option.  The view is lovely, and the ride goes by quickly.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.