by Kerri Kresinski/founder of Circus Fit at Monkey House Mexico

Circus Fit

at Monkey House Mexico

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Hey gang!  It’s me, Kerri, head monkey here at the Monkey House Mexico.  Many of you have asked about our core Circus Fit program.  What is Circus Fit?  I’m about to explain it to you!!  Get ready to be excited!

CIRCUS FIT is a fun and functional way for any person of any age/shape/size to get in shape circus style.  Each class has a series of exercises incorporating circus acrobatics and aerial with modern fitness, core strength and yoga to make a fun, 360 degree full body workout.  You will leave the class feeling empowered, invigorated, worked, embodied, and inspired.  Your self-perceived limits will dissolve, and you will realize your fullest potential is greater than you ever knew.  You will have new skills to practice at home, impress your friends, and these new skills will inspire more physical and creative potential.

Circus Fit

Throw away your boring old fitness gym program, and step into our paradise gym and monkey around!  Our CIRCUS FIT classes balance strength, flexibility, stability training with functional movement skills such as handstands, cartwheels, aerial skills (trapeze, silks, hoop), partner acrobatics, and monkeyin’ around!

I know what you are thinking...I am too old, too out of shape, too fat, too skinny, too weak, not flexible enough, not coordinated….  OK.  You might be any of these things, but this is not a reason to keep yourself from feeling better and doing fun things with your body.  Just because you are older and haven’t worked out in years doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Your body is an amazing vessel of potential.  If you let go of your fears and just try, you will be surprised of what you can do.

Every exercise has modifications and progressions, so everyone at any level age, or experience can get what they need from a Circus Fit class.  It all comes down to finding stability, strength, core connection to provide a foundation of for freedom in the body.  When we feel strong and free physically, we can thrive in our lives!  This is our mission with Circus Fit.

Click here to see a 1 minute video of Circus Fit.Circus Fit

Now you can have a full body workout that is fun, functional.  You can learn about your body and explore your limits safely.  Everyone has different limits, strengths and weaknesses at any given time.  Our Circus Fit classes are designed to challenge you at your level.  Every exercise in our class will have modifications or progressions to make it easier or harder depending on each person’s needs.  By the way, who cares what it looks like?  We focus on what it feels like, and when we are moving in a safe yet challenging way, it always feels great!

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Here are some of the things you might do in a Circus Fit class at Casa Chango.

  • Climb a rope or the silks.
  • Stand on your Hands!
  • Cartwheels
  • Stand on your head!
  • Invert your body in the air.
  • Move like an animal.
  • Bend forwards and backwards in new ways.
  • Iguana lunges, banana abs, froggy squats, donkey kicks…
  • Open your hips, back, chest and shoulders.
  • Partner Acrobatics
  • Jump, dance, and play!
  • Did I mention go upside down?

Each Circus Fit class is different and always covers a balanced range of pushing, pulling, inverting, lunging, squatting, stretching, core strengthening, climbing, and maybe even dancing.

Circus Fit

Here are just some of the benefits you will get from a Circus Fit workout.

  • A deeper sense of knowing your body.
  • Core connection, strength, and stability exercises to support any and every body movement/discipline.
  • Active stretching and stability to compliment our body mechanics and keep us safe.
  • Passive stretching and movement to remind our neuromuscular system that strong does NOT equal stiff.
    • Our new associations are:  Strong =Free, Strong=Open
  • Celebrate your body, your accomplishments-small and big, and feel supported by others.
  • Freedom and confidence in movement 360 degrees.
  • Feeling connected and ALIVE!
  • Inspiration to keep moving and feeling better!

At Monkey House Mexico, we created a program to give you a balanced, sustainable movement practice by alternating Circus Fit with yoga asana classes.  Our Circus Fit classes give you the skills, tricks, strength and playful challenges whereas our yoga asana classes give you balance, active and passive flexibility, focus, and a deeper connection to yourself.  These 2 movement disciplines compliment each other beautifully.  Get ready to be transformed.

My background of over 20 years in dance, theater, gymnastics, personal training, yoga, massage/bodywork, acrobatics, and aerial arts has given me a deep understanding of the human body and its potential.  (You can read more about me here.)  It excites me to use my knowledge and experience to safely challenge each of my students in a way that is stimulating, educational, empowering, and most of all breaks through self-perceived barriers.  I want to show you that your potential is infinite.  Your self-judgement is the only thing holding you back.  Let’s do this!

Stop making excuses that your are too this or too that, that it is too late for you.  Stop trying to do the same boring gym routine.  Stop telling yourself that you don’t have time for yourself.  You do have time.  This is your time.  This is your life.  It is your chance to live.

Check out our Circus Fit programs at our Personal Retreats & Family Retreats!
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Circus Fit