SAerial arts require an enormous amount of core strength, stability and endurance, not only to execute the tricks, but also to prevent injuries and keep our bodies healthy.

What is core strength?

I define the “core” not as one muscle or a set of muscles in the abdominal region, but as a relationship.  Think of your core as the way your limbs relate to your middle body.  Without our limbs, our core would not need to be strong.

First we need to stabilize our pelvis, ribcage and spine.  Next we add strength to the stability allowing mobilization through the pelvis, ribs, spine and limbs.  Finally we have to build endurance so we can hold the stability and strength of the core while we do incredibly challenging movements with our arms and legs (aerial skills and tricks).

Here is a sequence of exercises that I do almost every day to maintain my core strength and endurance.

Follow along with me on the video.  If you need to take breaks at first, that is fine.  Work up to doing the whole sequence with good form and control.

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