What airport do I fly into?  Any travel tips?

The best airport to fly into is Puerto Escondido (PXM) airport.  Click here for more info about booking your travel.  

Please arrive/depart on the dates specified for each retreat.

Can I fly into another airport?


You can also fly into Hualtulco (HUX) airport.  If you choose to do this, you have to pay for your own taxi or bus from HUX to our hotel.  The ride is 2 hours and costs $75 US for taxi or $15 US for a bus.   Click here for more details. 

Can I come earlier or stay later than the retreat dates?

Yes.  If you do this, you will have to arrange and pay for your taxi to/from the airport as well as $40/night for your room for the extra night(s) providing they are available.  Please contact SweetRetreatsDR@gmail.com for information.

What will I miss if I arrive 1-2 days late?

We have an introduction and orientation a 6pm on the first day of the retreat (the day you arrive).  If you miss this, you will miss some important information.  Let us know if you plan to miss this.

What is Casa Chango/Monkey House Mexico?

In a nutshell, it’s MAGIC.  Click here for more info.

What is the difference between a Focused Retreat and a Personal/Family Retreat?

Our Focused Retreats are much more structured and focus on a specific discipline.  They are usually aerial skills, conditioning and/or artistry retreats.  We also have some Focused Yoga Retreats.  There is often a guest teacher who is a master in their discipline.  There are 2-3 classes each day, 3 meals, and group activities.  There is some down time in the afternoon and evening.

Our Personal Retreats and Family Retreats are less structured and offer more free time to explore the beautiful beaches, markets, shops and nature excursions in and around Puerto Escondido.  Breakfast and lunch are offered as well as one morning fitness and/or yoga class and our tips on getting around.  These retreats are good for people who like to have some structure and a lot of free time to do it yourself.  Personal/Family Retreats are cheaper and include add ons if you want to add dinner or more classes to your week.  It is also possible that you may be the only person enrolled for your week at a Personal Retreat depending on the dates you choose.  If you prefer a group bonding experience, we recommend signing up for a Focused Retreat.  If you like to explore on your own and save some money, a Personal Retreat may be perfect for you!

What is included in the cost of the retreat?

In a nutshell, everything except your plane ticket.

Focused Retreats include accommodations, meals, snacks, daily classes, group activities, end of the week performance and/or party, and taxi from/to the airport (providing you arrive/depart on scheduled days to assigned airport).  

Personal and Family Retreats include accommodations, breakfast, lunch, one morning class, and tips on getting around town and adventures.  You can add on more classes and dinner for an additional fee.

What is not included in the cost of the retreat?

Your round trip plane ticket, extra activities/adventures outside of our retreat, and alcoholic beverages are not included.  

Are there any discounts offered?

Yes.  We offer early bird discounts for our Focused Retreats, and group discounts on our Personal Retreats and Family Retreats.  Personal/Family retreats during the summer/rainy season are also discounted.  We also offer a referral discount.  Take $100 off your tuition for each person you refer to a retreat.  Sign up for our mailing list to hear about more discounts and promotions.    

What are other ways I can save money?

You can apply for work trade for most retreats.  Email SweetRetreatsDR@gmail.com for a work trade application.   Work trade is mostly about helping in the kitchen and range from $50-$300 discount on your tuition.  

Do you need more teachers on your retreats?

We are committed to having the best teachers available for our retreats.  If you have a teacher that rocks your world, please feel free to send that person our way.

Do I need a visa to go to Mexico?

No.  You just need your passport.  You automatically get a tourist visa upon entering Mexico

Do I need any vaccinations?

No.  You do not need any vaccinations.  Just bring some bug spray!

I have a restricted diet.  Will your meals accommodate that?

We offer the freshest, healthiest food available.  Our meals are mostly gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian based.  Most lunches and dinners have meat options, and they are always cooked separate from the other food.  Any dairy, gluten or meat are always separate.  

I have a life threatening food allergy.  Will I be safe?

Please let us know in advance if you have a life threatening food allergy.  We will make sure to take extra care in separating or eliminating the allergens from our kitchen.  

Tell me more about the accommodations.

Our accommodations are located at the Monkey House community complex a short walk from the beach.  In addition to clean and safe rooms, there is a swimming pool, an ocean view palapa practice space, the Monkey House Gym for aerial & acrobatics training, lots of grass and hammocks for relaxing between classes, and our Monkey House Kitchen and hang out space.  It is awesome!  Click here for details about the rooms.

How hot is it in Mexico?  Is there air conditioning?

The mornings in Puerto Escondido are cool, and afternoons get very hot in the sun.  We have shaded training spaces with fans for classes and swimming pools to cool off in as well.   Our accommodations do not have air conditioning, but all of the rooms have fans.  

If you are extra sensitive to heat, and require air conditioning to sleep, there are hotels nearby for upgrades.  Please email SweetRetreatsDR@gmail.com for information.  

Click here for more info about local weather.  

What about bugs?

We are living outdoors for most of the day in a tropical environment.  There are some bugs, but not too many, and none are poisonous.   Mosquitos do come out at night.  If you are sensitive to bug bites, you can bring bug spray and light clothes that cover your body.

Do retreats sell out?  How can I reserve my spot?

Yes.  Our retreats sell out early.  You can save your spot by filling out the registration form and paying your deposit here.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy:

No Refunds.  No exceptions.
Cancel more than 60 days before 1st day of retreat:  60% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel  30-60 days before the 1st day of retreat:  40% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel up to 30 days before the 1st day of the retreat:  20% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Why should I go on a Sweet Retreat?

We pride ourselves on having a world class teaching staff who are masters of their trade.  You will get an extremely high quality of teaching at any Sweet Retreat no matter what your discipline.  You will eat the yummiest, healthiest food.  In addition, you will be welcomed into a community of people who choose a healthy, playful, creative lifestyle.  Our Monkey House is in a safe neighborhood a short walk from the beach.  You will feel at home here.

Here’s your chance to join the circus!

Words from past retreaters to describe how they felt after their Sweet Retreats.

Connected, Empowered, Inspired, Exhilarated, Juicy, Confident, Peaceful, Bad-ass, Grateful, Energized, Rejuvenated, Magical, Loved, Beautiful, Open-hearted, Alive, Transformed, Strong, Complete, Centered, Elastic beefcake superheroine, The most authentic version of myself.

You can read more testimonials here.

Can I be a teacher at a Sweet Retreat?

Yes.  We offer a few guest teacher retreats each year.  If you have students who want to train in Mexico with you, please contact us for information about being a guest teacher at the Sweet Retreats’ Monkey House Mexico.