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Sweet Retreats has encouraged me to be a better version of myself both physically in the circus arts and also personally in my interactions with friends and the community.  The instructors at Sweet Retreats are not only world class performers, they are also some of the most caring, beautiful, and authentic individuals. I’m so fortunate to have discovered this paradise of athletic endeavors, delicious food, unending laughter, and all within the gorgeous surrounding.” – Liz Marotte, Oakland, CA

“I really appreciated that you [Kerri} were honest and real about where you were at over the week. Your heart, honesty and humility made a huge impact and helped clarify who I choose to be in the world. So often people put on fake smiles and fakes falsities to remain professional. You elegantly demonstrated that you can still remain professional and from the heart without falsities.” – Ukoiya Mastin (Vermont)

“Kerri’s Aerial Artistry gave me more than I could’ve imagined.
We worked on unique exercises that challenged our bodies, mind, and our spirit. The exercises really allowed you to enter a deeper part of yourself, one that you usually avoid facing. We used those feelings in our movements, our stories. It was so enlightening to be able to feel those things out loud. These exercises led into the creative process of choreography; the Artistry . It taught me how to connect with the audience, how to express myself in my movements and how to tell a story through my work. To be myself and accept my flow, my process.
Such an adventure, an awakening experience. Something I will hold close to me forever.
Kerri, I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your work. You have a huge heart and a beautifully creative mind. Your process was genius. Thank you for giving me all that you did. I miss you and can’t wait to be in one of your retreats again!”

Josephine Reyes
Miami, FL

“The week I spent with Sweet Retreats was not only inspiring and tiring but uplifting and opening. I had the honor of meeting 20 strong people who wanted to learn and improve themselves. The energy at Extreme Hotel was contagious and motivating. I’d recommend this trip to anyone who wants to sweat, swim and smile for an entire week.” – Katherine Hutchinson (Oakland, CA)

“The first time I went to Sweet Retreats I was at a crossroad – both for my aerial training and in my professional life. Sweet Retreats gave me the confidence to move to the next level in both. A supportive and fun training environment, that extends beyond the mat into the communal social nature of the retreat, Sweet Retreats gets under your skin!
I came away bursting with new skills and excited to share them, and a whole range of new friends from around the world. But more importantly, it gave me time and space to reconnect to myself and a chance to remember what inspires me. There’s nothing quite like being away from it all, surrounded by like-minded people all out to stretch their bodies and minds, to focus the mind.
Two retreats later I have the confidence to take my aerial to the level I want to – having spent time working on performance skills in a safe environment. And I’ve left my energy-sapping government job to move into the charity sector where I feel more myself again.
So thanks Sweet Retreats! Thanks to Kerri, for so expertly running the whole experience.  And to all the trainers – Rain, Shira, Chloe, Niff, Cohdi – for sharing a little bit of their inspiring worlds with us mere mortals!” – Nicola Freedman (UK)

Alright, so I’m going to gush for a moment. I’ve had the pleasure of spending these last 10 days in paradise with a community of badass humans doing badass things.

I have been deeply moved by each and every person I met this past week. I have learned so much about intimacy, about community, about joy. I have danced with my dark and sticky places in new ways both terrifying and profound. And most wonderful of all I have had the priviledge to join of a group of people with so much fucking courage it makes me cry. Life is hard, and it’s scary, and it’s so easy to get hurt and to shut down. Witnessing your ability to love and share so openly despite this truth is a feat that leaves me lost for words. You are all fearless.

Special thank you Kerri Kresinski for creating such an amazing, loving, and authentic retreat. Your soul is bigger than life. Thank you for your your wisdom, your laughs, and for being exactly who you are.

My heart is full.  I feel whole.”  -Anonymous

The following are instructional videos to help you prepare for a Sweet Retreat.

Click here to see more instructional videos on Kerri’s youtube page.


Click here to see more instructional videos on Kerri’s youtube page.

Click here to see Kerri and Chloe’s performance videos.