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Sweet Retreats is the ideal refresh button for my aerial practice – after retreats I return home newly inspired to make the most of my classes and practice time.

Sarah Hluchan – Virginia, USA (Sarah has attended 3 retreats since 2017)

Everyone gets a refresh!

Our retreats renew inspiration, offer continuing education with master teachers, and remind us why we love doing aerial!

Sweet Retreats are vacation style intensive training retreats at Casa Chango Mexico focused on aerial skills, circus fitness, efficient training, creativity, and healthy lifestyle. We are a small, family run business offering welcoming experiences for various skill levels. We are committed to high quality experiences and world class instruction.

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Quick Facts about Sweet Retreats:

  • 7-10 day long training intensives for various disciplines including aerial arts, acrobatics, yoga, dance, circus fitness, and creative arts.
  • Check out our testimonials page for proof that our retreats change lives.  
  • All of our retreats include world class instruction, amazing food, down time, excursions, and swimming and playing at the beach.
  • Our retreats boost inspiration and re-ignite the desire to keep training!
  • We offer retreats for various levels from beginner to professional as well as yoga, aerial yoga, dance, and aerial teacher trainings.
  • We also have Family Retreats!!
    • perfect for families who want a true vacation with healthy, delicious food, Circus Fit classes, yoga, and tons of safe play for the kids…
    • includes 2 date nights!

Sweet Retreats taught me how much more than a workout aerial arts could be, an artistic expression, an outlet, even therapy.  I’ve never been more excited to go back to my studio and explore everything aerials could be.

Emily Hughes – Virginia BeachEmily Hughes – Virginia Beach

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  • Most Posts Award – Each year we will award a half priced retreat to the person who posted and tagged us with the most quality posts.
  • Good Effort Award – Each year we will award a half priced retreat to the person who we see has put the most effort into spreading the word about Sweet Retreats! Don’t forget to tag us, or we won’t see your efforts!

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As an arts administrator, I struggle to find time for my own training and art making. Sweet Retreats provided the perfect place for me to rejuvenate and find renewed passion for aerial. I feel stronger, inspired, and ready to share my energy with my circus community back home!

Stephanie Richards – Circus Space Madison, Wisconson

Attending the aerial hoop retreat has reignited the flame that had been missing for so long and has given me new goals to work towards and skills to progress. This trip was definitely among the top choices I have made in my life.

Jessica Smielecki –  Sebastopol, CA

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