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Social Circus Program

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Circus arts play an effective role in accelerating youth and community development and creating social change.  Our Social Circus Program uses circus arts as a tool for fostering personal and social development of less advantaged youth by nurturing their self-esteem, body awareness, trust in others, teaching them social skills, community building, and helping them to express their creativity and explore their potential. 

Our goal is to continue these classes and create a comprehensive expressive arts program circus, music, dance, and theater that is accessible to more children.


We offer classes to local children in Puerto Escondido in our social circus program at Casa Chango (Monkey House).  Classes include circus arts juggling, body awareness, breath awareness, acrobatics, stilt walking, clowning and aerial skills.

Social Circus Program

Most of the kids in our social circus program come from families with extremely limited income.  We offer scholarships for these kids.  We appreciate any and all donations to this scholarship fund.  Click here to donate.

Many of the local kids do not have any extracurricular activities to participate in.  Their parents work all day, and many cannot afford child care.  In addition, most of the local public schools do not offer creative arts or physical education.  In our social circus program, we provide a safe, welcoming space for our local children to learn, play, express and work together.     

We also provide performance opportunities for the kids with our free community shows at Casa Chango.  The kids choose their music and perform the skills they have been working on.

The skills the children in our social circus program learn will help to enrich their lives giving them tools for self-confidence, body awareness, community building, creativity, and friendships with children from different backgrounds.  Skills such as these can help them get jobs and advance their education for a more promising future.

Click here to see a video of some of the skills we teach the children.   Click here to see our current events at Casa Chango.

 Social Circus Program 

With your support, we can continue to teach children to learn confidence, body/breath awareness, social skills, problem solving and life skills, and circus acrobatics through our Youth Circus Program.   

Funds raised will be put towards:

  • paying highly qualified teachers
  • transportation to and from class for children who’s parents work during the day. 
  • growing the program to include
    • music
    • dance
    • theater
  • eventually creating comprehensive 1-3 year programs for expressive arts.

To donate to our Social Circus Program Scholarship Fund, and , click here.

Any amount from $5-$50,000 is appreciated.  If you would like to be a monthly or annual donor, please email us at

Social Circus Program