9 reasons why an aerial retreat will improve your life, your training, and your inspiration to thrive in everything you do.

In our every day lives there are so many things to manage which can put us in a constant state of overwhelm. We struggle to fit in our favorite things like aerial training. Time for a ‘train-cation.’

A vacation should be a break from having to figure out the next step of every part of the day. A vacation should be refreshing, fun and an opportunity to reset your tired brain, de-stress, and re-invigorate your body!…not to mention do what you love.

Retreats are the new Resorts

The out-dated way of vacationing – eating and drinking too much and sitting around on our butts – leaves us feeling sluggish, hung over, and bummed to have to go back to work. Us aerialists don’t want to sit around all day. We want to do what we love–aerial, eating, swimming and getting a taste of another culture! An aerial retreat leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, physically sore, and inspired to go back home to integrate the wonderful things you have learned.

Go home feeling better than when you came. Go home feeling excited to go home.

Based on our 9 years of running aerial retreats, receiving feedback from retreaters, and our continuous commitment to quality and improvements, we have come up with 9 great reasons why an aerial retreat will improve your life, your training, your body, and your inspiration.

Get out of your rut and expand your aerial practice!

1. Reset

Get some inspiration and re-ignite your fire to live. Do you get the winter blues? Does the cold stomp down your desire to move and practice? Or do you just get a little stuck in the mundane day to day routine? Either way, an aerial retreat at Sweet Retreats Mexico will cure all of that and more. Take a vacation from work and responsibility. Immerse yourself in nature, warm weather, and feel great!

Attending the aerial hoop retreat has reignited the flame that had been missing for so long and has given me new goals to work towards and skills to progress. This trip was definitely among the top choices I have made in my life.

Jessica Smielecki –  Sebastopol, CA

2. Integrate aerial into your life more fully

On an aerial retreat you get to unplug from your day to day responsibilities, and totally immerse yourself in aerial training and play. You will go home feeling like aerial is a bigger part of your life. You will understand how to integrate skills you learn into your training at home. A Sweet Retreat will teach you how to use training to inspire all things in life. You will also be surrounded by people who understand you.

3. Train like a professional

Immerse yourself in the aerial adventure and train like the professionals do. Imagine aerial and circus is your full time job. Everything you do goes into your practice, eating well, resting well, and creativity. You get to live your dream! There are no distractions or responsibilities. Focus only on training, dorking out with other aerialists, practically living with your coach, eating like an athlete, and living as an artist!

Sweet Retreats taught me how much more than a workout aerial arts could be, an artistic expression, an outlet, even therapy.

Emily Hughes – Virginia Beach, USA

4. Live in community!

Don’t you hate it when you get home from aerial class and you remember the question you wanted to ask your teacher? At your aerial retreat, you get to essentially live with your coach.  Classes are for skills and training. The rest of the day, meals, and pool time is when you can get inside info like how to eat, making goals, anatomy questions, training vs overtraining, injury prevention, etc. We are at your disposal.

But what if I don’t know anyone and don’t fit in? At Sweet Retreats, you are immediately accepted into our family—no attitude, no cliques. Everyone is welcome and everyone is important…and we all have at least one thing in common.

You will also meet new friends from other places that you can go visit to train at their home studios. Sweet Retreats create a worldwide aerial family!

5. Warm Climate!

Warm weather does wonders on your body including opening your muscles, working out kinks, and increasing blood flow. Make leaps and bounds in your flexibility. Since you get to relax by the pool or at the beach between classes, your body gets more chance to integrate everything it is learning and you can process much more new information that way.

Don’t forget the healing powers of the ocean!  Go to the beach, and swim in the warm ocean every day! Too lazy to go to the beach?—float in the pool and sip on a coconut instead!

6. Food!

We all wish we had the time and resources to eat well every day. Our busy lives often prevent relaxed, healthy meals. A week of good food is the perfect way to reset and reboot your metabolism and tastebuds! People are ecstatic over the quality (and quantity) of the food at Sweet Retreats. It’s healthy, abundant, and gourmet delicious!! All meals are provided for you so there is never a need to figure out what/where to eat.  Meals are served on time.  No waiting. No prep. No clean up. There are options for vegetarians, food restrictions, allergies, and picky people. There are always home made popsicles, ice coffee/tea, pre-training treats and dessert!

Best of all, we at Sweet Retreats invite you to make yourself at home.

7. Boost your morale and your training!

There are teachers that get the job done, and then there are teachers who are masters at teaching and inspiring. At home, sometimes we have to go to the class that works with our schedule. Sometimes we hit plateaus and blocks for long periods of time. An aerial retreat gives you a different perspective from a master teacher which can break through blocks and plateaus very quickly. Your questions get answered, skills solidified, and you get a complete download of new information to take home and process.

Best of all at Sweet Retreats, we always have world class teachers! We search the world for the best teachers and coaches around and bring them here…because they want a train-cation in paradise too. Everyone leaves feeling boosted and inspired.

As an arts administrator, I struggle to find time for my own training and art making. Sweet Retreats provided the perfect place for me to rejuvenate and find renewed passion for aerial. I feel stronger, inspired, and ready to share my energy with my circus community back home!

Stephanie Richards – Circus Space Madison, Wisconson

8. Permission to do it your way!

At Sweet Retreats, we like to see the world in an ‘everything is possible’ way. Do you need perspective on you life, your choices, your relationships, your training, your happiness? Just come to a Sweet Retreat!

We love to encourage people to live BIG! Radical Coach Kerri Kresinski, founder and director of Sweet Retreats, has a few superpowers, one of which is to support and give tools to people who are ready for change. Whether your change is to eat more vegetables, find more time for training, change your career, love yourself more, or live outside ‘the box’ in any other way, Kerri will support and help guide you in the right direction.

This is your life. Be radical! Live BIG now!

9. Go solo or bring your friends, partner and kids!

If you are into aerial arts or Circus Fitness, chances are your partner (and kids) are a little jealous of your passionate obsession. It might hurt their feelings if you go on an aerial retreat holiday without them. Fear not my friends! We have friend referral discounts, significant other packages and FAMILY RETREATS to keep everyone entertained! Everyone’s needs get met, and you get to have your aerial retreat. Check out our Family Retreat packages here.


Experience Mexico

Get a fresh idea of the magic of Mexico and see it is not at all what the media says it is. Sweet Retreats is located in the ‘hidden port’ of Puerto Escondido, Mexico on the Pacific coast. It is a very safe, friendly town with a lot to do and see including Mexican culture, beaches, surfing, adventures and relaxing. Join us for our next Aerial Retreat or Family Retreat.

The week I spent with Sweet Retreats was not only inspiring and tiring but uplifting and opening. I had the honor of meeting people who wanted to learn and improve themselves. The energy was contagious and motivating. I’d recommend this trip to anyone who wants to sweat, swim and smile for an entire week.

Katherine Hutchinson (Oakland, CA)

Questions? Email us at SweetRetreatsdr@gmail.com.