My mission to merge the sacred with the profane…

by Kerri Kresinski 

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
― Albert Einstein

For those of you who have never met me in person (yet), many people have called me “Crazy Kerri.”  Whenever I hear this I am filled with zinging delight!  People really think I am crazy?  I just think I am me, eccentric and uninhibited.  Recently I asked my partner, Stuart, in a serious voice, “Do you think I’m crazy?”  His response, “Well, yes you are a little crazy.  You’re definitely odd.  But that is why I love you.”

So I have been thinking, ‘what makes me seem crazy?’   The answer is that I am crazy by choice and by good ole luck.  I have spent my entire life in classes and environments that expose me to creative self-expression from theater to marching bands to circus arts.  I skipped the part where most people have to conform and meet the requirements of others to fit in with social spheres and succeed in the workplace.  So what makes me appear crazy is my comfortability with being myself and allowing my primal nature to be expressed.

It is a very satisfying way to live, to let my feelings move through me, to explore my own way of being.  

As a freelance performer and teacher, I am constantly self managing (and often juggling) my personal and my professional work.  I need structure in my life to keep me grounded, focused and well…sane.  For the past 22 years, yoga has been my most influential teacher.  The linear structure helps me stay grounded and focused, and the asanas keep me strong and open in my body.  Yoga connects me to my center which clears space for me to expand and express my true nature.  Call me crazy, but it feels so right.

When we are connected with our bodies and breath, this also gives rise to our creative impulses and ideas.  Now, more than ever, we need to feel and we need to be expressed.  Instead of looking outside ourselves to find out how we fit into this rapidly changing world, we can just be ourselves.  This is how we can create a world we want to live in.

During the past 15 years of teaching yoga, dance, aerial arts and fitness, I have helped people touch their edges, find their inner warriors, soften their self-judgement, learn to treat themselves better, and feel the feels.  I am so grateful for this life.

So this is my mission.

My life’s work is to inspire and teach myself and others how to be radical, how to access our inner beings, to squeeze and stretch and move our bodies, to breathe deeply, to sing with abandon, to mimic nature, to worship mangoes and swim naked, to make silly faces and cry openly, to climb into ourselves, and to love ourselves, and to feel all the feels.  Who knows what we can do, what we can create, and what depth of feeling we can express?

I hope you will join me for one of my upcoming trainings or workshops. 

I am here to support you and give you tools for merging the inner you with the outer you, the wild with the tame, the crazy with the calm.  Step into this life, and BECOME YOURSELF.

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