Aerial Escapades
Intermediate / Advanced Silks & Rope

with Guest Teacher Sarah Bebe Holmes of Paper Doll Militia

Puerto Escondido, Mexico
March 1-8, 2019

Aerial Escapades is limited to 10 participants.

This retreat is SOLD OUT!
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a WEEK in beautiful Mexico in this Int/Adv Silks & Rope Aerial Escapades Retreat with new friends, the beach, delicious, fresh, local food, and loads of fun!

Join Paper Doll Militia for an all inclusive aerial getaway, set on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This Aerial Escapades Retreat is for aerialists who are at an intermediate or advanced level on vertical apparatus. Come to learn exciting new silks and rope material while soaking up the sun, meeting new aerial friends and eating delicious and healthy meals.

Calling ALL Intermediate/Advanced Aerialists!

With instructor Sarah Bebe Holmes as your guide, this retreat will feed you fun new skills and sequences while challenging your brain with fabric and rope theory. Additional classes are offered in flexibility, conditioning, handstands and Paper Doll Militia’s quintessential approach to creative aerials, Vertical Theatre Method. The rest of our time can be spent eating amazing, healthy food, swimming in the warm ocean, reading in hammocks, and breathing the tropical air. There will be time to explore local markets and beaches as well as the local night life. At the end of the week, we will have a performance / party for everyone to celebrate.

Please note: This retreat is designed for aerialists who are already at an intermediate or advanced level. There will be NO beginning skills taught on this retreat. If you are not at the level to learn at an intermediate/advanced pace, you should not sign up for this retreat (There are other great retreat options that are geared for mixed levels or beginner students). If you’re not sure whether or not you are at the right level to attend the retreat, please contact us and send us a sample training video at

Prerequisites for Aerial Escapades Retreat: – A solid understanding of intermediate / advanced skills including same and opposite side wraps, hip key, s-wrap, and various foot locks combos, and basic drops. – Endurance to stay in the air for up to 5 min at a time – Multiple and consistent air inverts (without cheating) and windmill hip keys.

aerial escapades

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Sample of daily schedule  

(choose as many or few classes/activities as you like)
8-9:30am  Coffee, Tea and Breakfast
10-1pm  Aerial Workshop & Stretching
1pm   Lunch
1-3:30pm  Pool-time, lounging, tanning, relaxing
4:30-6:30pm  Aerial Workshop 2
6:30-7pm  Beach Play and Sunset
7pm Dinner
8-10pm  Evening Activities

aerial escapades

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included on most days of the retreat.  The food will be grounding,  nourishing and amazing!  Our meal master, “Skillet,” presents simple, healthy and delicious meals made with fresh, local ingredients.  Most meals include eggs, chicken and/or fish, and vegetarian/vegan options are always available.   We can accommodate most special dietary needs.

After dinner we will offer evening activities from partner massage and sharing to an adventure to the Phosphorescence Lagoon.  There are also plenty of local night markets and discos for you night owls.

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Aerial Escapades Retreat will be held at the Monkey House community complex a short walk from the beach.  In addition to clean and safe accommodations, there is a swimming pool, an ocean view palapa practice space, the Monkey House Gym for aerial & acrobatics training, lots of grass and hammocks for relaxing between classes, and our Monkey House Kitchen and hang out space.  It is awesome!  Click here for details about the rooms.

Just outside our living/training complex there are cafes, shops, and local markets to explore.  The neighborhood, called La Punta, is small, quiet, and full of friendly people.  Surf lessons are available in La Punta.  Just a mile down the beach is Playa Zicatela where you can find bars, restaurants, discos, nightlife, and plenty of surf shops to buy Mexican trinkets, beach garb, and anything else you might need.  Puerto Escondido is a safe and welcoming town.  For information about weather in Puerto Escondido, click here.

For information about booking your travel to Puerto Escondido, click here.

About our Teacher
Sarah Bebe Holmes: Co Artistic Director of Paper Doll Militia

Sarah is co-founder and co-artistic director of LA/Edinburgh based aerial theatre company, Paper Doll Militia. Paper Doll Militia has been creating progressive aerial theatre in the States since 2006 and set up headquarters in Edinburgh in 2013.  She has performed, choreographed and taught around the US, UK, India, Lebanon, Egypt, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain and Greece. Some notable performance credits are: Threesixty Entertainment’s 1300-seat pavilion production of Peter Pan, Osborne&What’s production of Birdy 2015, and renowned Site Specific theatre company Grid Iron in the production Crude about the oil industry. Sarah is a choreographer and director for circus and aerial theatre productions including Sharashif (Beirut Lebanon), Two and a Half Sisters (Zagreb, Croatia), SnowQueen (Zagreb, Croatia)  and RISE (Edinburgh Scotland).  Sarah Co-produced and had a leading role in LoopsEnd, which toured the US and UK in 2016.  She is currently working on EGG, an aerial theatre production on aerials plastic looking at our modern approach to fertility.

aerial escapades

Classes/ Activities may include:
Aerial silks
Aerial Rope skills
Vertical Theatre Method Momentum lab Silks
Rope Theory Flexibility
Handstand Sessions

Space is limited.   Sign up here!

Early Bird Rates for Aerial Escapades
Click here for descriptions of each room.

Rates are listed in USD.
$500 Deposit is required to secure your spot.  The following early bird rates are valid through December 1, 2017.  Prices increase by $300 after October 1, 2018.

This retreat is SOLD OUT!
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Franco 1
–  Double Occupancy  $1800  

Franco 2 
–  Single Occupancy w private bathroom   $2100

Franco 3
–  Single Occupancy w shared bathroom $2000

Franco 4  
–  Tiny room w floor mattress and shared bathroom  $1700

Cabana 3
–  Double/Triple Occupancy  $1800

Cabana 4
–  Double Occupancy  $1800

Cabana 5
–  Single Occupancy w private bathroom   $2100

Rates refer to cost of one person’s tuition.

Prices for Aerial Escapades include:

  • Accommodations for the duration of the retreat
  • Daily meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner & treats!
  • Travel between Puerto Escondido Airport and our accommodations*
  • 2 Daily classes
  • Evening Activities
  • 24 hour use of Swimming Pool, wi-fi, and Community Space
  • End of the week Party and Performance

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How to Register for Aerial Escapades –

This retreat is SOLD OUT!
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February 3-10, 2019

  1. Fill out this Registration Form.
  2. Pay your tuition.  Once you fill out the registration form, you will receive an email with payment information.  You must pay a $500 deposit to secure your spot.  Full payment is due by February 1, 2019.
  3. Once we confirm your reservation, you can book your travel. Click here for tips for booking your flight.   
    Please fill out this itinerary form in order to secure your ground transportat
  4. Get excited!  This is going to be amazing!

We will do our best to accommodate all of your needs.

For questions about accommodations, meals, and work-trade jobs, email us at
For questions about classes and curriculum, email Rain at

*Food service begins with a snack and dinner on Friday, March 1, and ends with breakfast on Friday March 8.  There are 2 days during the retreat where guests are on their own for lunch.  All other meals and smoothies are provided.  The food is amazing!
** Your taxi to/from the PXM airport is included if you arrive/depart on designated days.  Arrive on February 17 and depart on February 24.    Click here for info about getting to Puerto Escondido.
Alumni Discounts do not apply to Guest Teacher Retreats.

Cancellation Policy:
No Refunds.  No exceptions.
Cancel more than 60 days before 1st day of retreat:  60% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel  30-60 days before the 1st day of retreat:  40% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Cancel up to 30 days before the 1st day of the retreat:  20% of your payment can transfer toward a future Sweet Retreat.
Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.