Best Train-cation Ever

Casa Chango Mexico (Monkey House) is the year round home for Sweet Retreats-week long fitness and healthy lifestyle retreats that will rock your world.  All of our retreats focus around healthy lifestyle, movement and exercise, nutrition and delicious food, stress relief, gardening, cooking, and communing with nature at its best.  Most of our retreats focus on Circus Fitness, Aerial Arts, and Yoga.  

Casa Chango Mexico is located in a small beach neighborhood (known for surfing) in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  “Puerto” is a perfect travel destination for solo travelers, family with small children, couples and groups of friends.  It’s wide range of beaches provides a variety of beach experiences from surfing to snorkeling, to floating on your back in paradise.  There are markets, shops, and nature excursions.

When you come visit us at Casa Chango Mexico, you will feel like you are coming HOME.   We provide you with farm to table meals that will please your palate and give you nutrients to feed your body.  We also give you daily movement practices and/or training according to your desires from yoga to circus arts to fitness/conditioning and dance.  

Our retreat offerings include Intensive Training Retreats, Personal Retreats, and Family Retreats.

No matter what Sweet Retreat you sign up for:

  • You will feel welcome like you are coming to visit family.
  • You will eat better than you ever have.
  • You will move your body and learn new skills.
  • We will take you to the best beaches, shops, markets, and nature adventures in the area.
  • You will leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Here is a list of ALL of our UPCOMING RETREATS.

Let us tell you about our 3 different kinds of retreats.

Intensive Training Retreats

Focused Retreats are our 1-2 week long training intensives which are much more structured and focus on a specific discipline.  They are usually aerial skills, conditioning and/or artistry retreats.  We also have some Focused Yoga Retreats.  There is often a guest teacher who is a master in their discipline.  All classes, meals and activities are included.  There are 2-3 classes each day, 3 meals, and group activities.  There is some down time in the afternoon and evening.  If you want a vacation to get away and immerse yourself in a new culture and a specific discipline, an Intensive Training Retreat is for you.  We also have significant other packages so your partner can come too!  Our Intensive Training Retreats include:

  • Aerial Hoop 
  • Aerial Silks & Rope 
  • Aerial Sling 
  • Act Creation / Aerial Artistry 
  • Circus Fit – Strength, Flexibility & Skills 
  • Advanced Aerial Skills
  • Circus Fit / Yoga 
  • Teacher Trainings

Family Retreats

Family Retreats are for the whole family.  We will entertain your kids with circus skills classes in the morning so you can have your workout or just some quiet time.  You can go explore beaches and shops in the afternoons, or just chill at ‘home’ by the pool.  We also have evening activities at the Monkey House for the kids and whole family including movie night, dance jams, and games.  You don’t have to worry about a thing!  We also provide childcare for 2 date nights!!

It is not easy for parents to travel internationally with your family.  From finding healthy, yummy food to safe places for the kids to play, to sunscreen and shade, it can be exhausting.  That is where we come in.  Let us take care of all the tedious details.  Let us feed you and provide activities, a safe and fun place to play, chill and move your bodies.  You will be able to spend your time having fun with your family and enjoying down time for yourself as well.  We want you to go home feeling better than when you came….did we mention the date nights?  

Personal Retreats

Our Personal Retreats are less structured and offer more free time to explore the beautiful beaches, markets, shops and nature excursions in and around Puerto Escondido.  Breakfast and lunch are offered as well as one daily Circus Fit and/or yoga class and our tips on getting around.

Personal Retreats are great for people who want a less intensive training experience, but still have some structure and motivation:

  • Single travelers who want some structure with a daily class and food, but prefer to explore DIY style.
  • Couples with similar or different movement practices who want a place for everything.
  • Groups of friends who want to eat well, exercise and enjoy beach adventures and markets.

Here is a list of ALL of our UPCOMING RETREATS.

Feel free to browse all of our retreats on this website and check out our Sweet Retreats facebook page to see day to day action.

Email us at with any questions or to book a retreat.